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In order to ensure restricted access to images and protect customers from fraud or consultation unwanted pictures by third parties, we request personal identification to access your albums.


After the event, at least 15 days are needed for a serious post-raitment of thousand of photographs, 20 days for the customers to view their photo report and to agree on the selection put on the net. 20 to 25 days is genereally what it takes to access to the photo report online for 4 months.

15 different langages and international shipping available.


Online for 4 months:

From 2017/ 17.06.17/ 08.10.17/15.11.17/16.12.17 are still online

2018 19.01.18/17.04.18/23.04.18/21.04.18 et 25.04.18/28.04.18/4,5 et 8.05.18/12 et 14.05.18/19 et 22.05.18/02.06.18/12 et 15.06.18/24.06.18/30.06.18/ july 4th & 5th/


Wedding june 30th online july 8 th

Birthday july 4th and 5th online for 4 months


Thank you and enjoy you visit !


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