February 2018:


- final and fourth session of "Noces de pigments" 

I want to thanks the 65 personns who've got involved and who have trusted me on this crasy artistic projectTime now to show it to the world by having, i hope, a beautiful exhibition and maybe a book made out of it

No images had been shown yet either on my website or anywherelse.

I want it to be a secret until it hit the best audience


September 2017:


- 3nd session of my big Art Project named in french "Noces de Pigments"


February 2017:


- 2nd session of my big Art Project named in french "Noces de Pigments". The translation would be "powder wedding" but i have to find a better english name for it.


- back from 3 months and a half to Mexico, Oaxaca state, with new inspiration

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- January 2016

At le Point H^ut Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, France, invited by Compagnie Off (30 years old street theater company), i am creating alive paintings destined to be photographed. Performing this Art Projet i had created, this  had involved 35 people (technical staff, 15 ladies, 15 others personns) for the first session. I am directing it from 15 meters hight. I am waiting to get a beautiful ensemble to show it to the public.





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