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The crowdfunding for the exhibition Pigment Brides was so successful that 17 larges images on aluminium can be produced.

Shows will take place from automn 2020 to 2022.

Thanks to the 100 people  involved in this huge artistic and photographic project.


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View more photos : http://www.sandradaveau.com/fr/creation/noces-de-pigment.html


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In France this fall 2019


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Link to the blog :  DAY OF THE DEAD in Mexico





A two years creation named PIGMENT BRIDE is ready to be shown.

Still confidential no images on this website.


February 2018:


- final and fourth session of Pigment Brides

I want to thanks the 65 personns who've got involved and who have trusted me on this crasy artistic projectTime now to show it to the world by having, i hope, a beautiful exhibition and maybe a book made out of it

No images had been shown yet either on my website or anywherelse.

I want it to be a secret until it hit the best audience


September 2017:


- 3nd session of my big Art Project named Pigment brides


February 2017:


- 2nd session of my big Art Project named Pigment Brides The translation would be "powder wedding" but i have to find a better english name for it.


- January 2016

At le Point H^ut Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, France, invited by Compagnie Off (30 years old street theater company), i am creating alive paintings destined to be photographed. Performing this Art Projet i had created, this  had involved 35 people (technical staff, 15 ladies, 15 others personns) for the first session. I am directing it from 15 meters hight. I am waiting to get a beautiful ensemble to show it to the public.





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My workshop for the last 2 years at © sandradaveau.com


 My workshop


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