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If you are looking for an over-all view, go to the presentation gallery entitled "PORTFOLIO 1". For a more detailed view take a look at the proof sheet or the full-screen slide-show.I suggest that you take a look at the gallery "My night sessions" or at the photo session with the couple "Vanessa and Cyprien". Hoping that my eye will win you over, I wish you a pleasant visit. Downloading : 5 seconds

You can find the key moments of a wedding. The "Getting ready" gallery is particularly recommended for women. Navigation: count on 5 seconds after clicking on the underlined entry and then 9 seconds for each gallery to load. You can also obtain the proof sheet for a quick glance or the full-screen slide-show by clicking on the icon located at the bottom left hand of the screen. Being above all an avid photographer, I emphasize not only quality but also quantity. This portfolio reflects what I can offer you if you choose me as your photographer. I hope to see you soon!



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